Our staff talks constantly about how we can best help our students and their families.  We try to foster a community of support and provide care not only for the children each day, but care for the parents as well to know that we are available to them as support, resource, and friend in faith.

Mrs. Roxanne and I have been brainstorming over the past year about how we could better help our parents.  We talked about offering free classes for parents, but realized that few people have spare time to add one. more. thing. to their calendar.

So in an attempt to be as modern as possible we have started podcasting!  We’ve recorded our first episode, and if you choose to listen to it, please be kind.  😉  It is rough around the edges!  We tackled the issue of structure in our first episode because we have found that when parents can establish a bit more structure in their child’s life, the whole family benefits.  If you listen to it and have suggestions for future topics, please reach out and let us know as we would love your ideas!


Follow the link below to listen:



Happy Friday!

It’s wet and yucky outside but inside we are having a lot of fun!  We’ve been learning through our play, and hopefully gotten a lot off our wiggles out!  Our youngest two classes combined for a fun lunchtime, we’ve had fantastic art experiences, and loads of songs and books.

Speaking of books, we are so grateful to Rachel Hair who brought us the fun Usborne Book Fair this week!  Hopefully you all were able to get some great books, and thank you for those purchases as it provided a lot of wonderful books for our preschool classes!


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Green trees, colorful ornaments, advent calendars, wreaths, nativity scenes…the holiday artwork is in full swing at Good News Preschool!  We love this chance to celebrate the season with the children and teach them about the gift of Jesus through all of our festive activities.  Take a look around and smile at all of your children’s creations when you come in the doors.  These art creations develop a wonderful sense of ownership as well as demonstrate to them that putting effort into a task results in a product they can be proud of.

Every precious minute…

Some days feel long and others feel short, but every day is packed to the brim with activity here at the preschool.  We only have 4 precious hours of the day with the children, and by the time you take out lunch, snack, recess, hand washing, restroom breaks, and travel time from place to place, the children really only have about 2 hours of classroom activity time.

Our teachers start the day right at 9:00 with activities they have planned to engage the young learners.  Often the beginning of the day activities focus on fine motor skills, letter recognition, logic, sequence, patterning, etc.  The students are so great about arriving at school and diving right into whatever activity is set out.  The teachers are especially grateful when all of the children are able to arrive on time so that the students get a chance to experience it all, and the classroom can begin as a cohesive unit.

I see the teachers working so hard day in and day out for these kids.  Every teacher here feels it is her mission to help each child develop into the best person they can be–socially, academically, emotionally and spiritually.  In the short 4 hours that they have, they always make the most of their time.  They are 100% engaged with the kids from right at 9:00 until pickup at 1:00.  At 1:00 the teachers hand them back off to you ready to get a hug from mom and dad and to share the excitement of their day.  And a big shout out to all of our parents who are here right at 1:00 to pick up their kids.  The teachers begin their planning period (and a much needed break!) at 1:00 so we are very grateful for your promptness.

Here are some pictures taken during the first 15 minutes of the day on Tuesday as well as some of the activities ready for the children!


Changes can be hard.  And when we had our precious Mrs. Jaime leave our pre-K room, the change was very hard.  Saying goodbye to a great teacher is never easy!  But good things can come from change as well, and in this case we had the opportunity to welcome another great teacher, Mrs. Mary.  Mrs. Mary is joining Mrs. Anna as co-teacher, and the two ladies are already planning wonderful things for the pre-K room in the coming weeks.  They are striving to make the pre-K room one that fosters a love of learning through meaningful activities.

One small example of a very meaningful yet fun activity is when Mrs. Mary introduced vertical writing to the children today as a way to strengthen their hands and wrists, practice crossing their midline, improve spatial awareness, and improve hand-eye coordination.  This is just one example of the magic happening in this room.

We are also blessed to have the priceless teacher aides Mrs. Krystal and Mrs. Yolanda always helping us in the room!  I can’t believe how lucky our preschool is to have such talented staff.  It is such a joy to work here!

Here are some photos of Mrs. Mary’s first few days:



THANK YOU to all of our amazing volunteers for helping to create an amazing pumpkin patch last week!  Our kiddoes had the best time taking a visit over to read a story and pick a pumpkin.  The cozy pumpkin patch was a fun destination and made for some great pictures!  Here are some of the pictures, but check out your class on Bloomz for more.


59 Shopping Days Left…

Yes, it’s all starting…the madness of the holiday shopping season!  All the latest gadgets, gizmos and games have our heads spinning as we try and decide what gifts we want to put under the Christmas tree for our children.  Thanksgiving is not even past, but the commercials and holiday decorations are already out there.

As you contemplate a new toy for your child, we want to encourage you to look at items that will help foster their gross motor development.  Screen time amongst children has skyrocketed, resulting in less time for muscular development, awareness of the two sides of the body, motor planning, and it is affecting how children are able to process sensory information.  Developmental toys can help a child build a foundation to better facilitate growth.

So as you shop this upcoming holiday season, consider options such as ride on toys, balance boards, play gym mats, tunnels, hop balls, hula hoops, and activity cards.  Here is a link to a blog with some specific toy suggestions:  https://whatmomslove.com/guides/gift-guide-best-active-gross-motor-toys/