The Playground

A huge shout out to the wonderful preschool families and staff that came out to help spruce up the playground today!  We loved seeing the children dive right into the work next to the adults, all working toward a common cause.  We were a small but mighty group, and we were able to get some new mulch on the playground and the equipment cleaned up a bit.

You’ll notice a new addition to our playground, and that is a set of posted rules.  We want to encourage our families to enjoy the Good News playground before or after school, as it is a wonderful chance to build community with each other.  However, we want to make sure that the children follow the same rules of the playground no matter who is supervising them, be it parent or teacher.  Our goal is to minimize frustration for the children in creating consistent expectations.

We look forward to a whole lot of play this year, and we know that a significant amount of learning will happen out on our beloved playground!

Welcome Back

Preschool families, we are SO EXCITED to welcome you to school this year!  It is fun to watch the school come to life as teachers set up their classrooms, make lesson plans, and share excitement about their ideas for the year.  Please know that we take the honor of introducing your child to school very seriously.  We feel blessed that you chose us as your preschool community and we plan to work very hard to make it a fantastic year.

We have some wonderful things planned, including a tighter bond with Good News UMC to provide more support for our preschool families.  Pastor Trevor and I took some time today to record a podcast detailing some of the plans we have to connect the church and the preschool this year.  If you can spare a little over 15 minutes, have a listen!

Loving our Planet

The preschool classrooms have been busy learning all about wonderful ways to take care of our Earth this week.  They’ve been talking about recycling, planting, repurposing and so much more.  You’ve probably noticed the awesome Earth art in the hallways.  Two of our classes went outside today to make wonderful use of all of the Easter lilies that were in the sanctuary.  They planted them in the flowerbeds so that they may continue to bloom and grow rather than just throwing them out.

Take this opportunity to talk at home about all of the ways you can reduce, reuse and recycle.  This is a great chance to get your child involved at home with helpful chores that give them a sense of purpose.  Ideas include rinsing out containers that need to go in the recycle bin, helping plant flowers in your yard, or even going around the home to check that all of the lights are turned off when you leave the house.  Let’s help teach our children the importance of taking care of our planet!

He is Risen!

What a fun week we had last week celebrating Easter!  One of the joys of working in a Christian school is that we are able to enjoy all of our Christian holidays and celebrations, and share the Good News with our students.

Last week eggs were decorated, crosses were painted, resurrection biscuits were baked and best of all we had a fantastic family picnic and egg hunt!  Please enjoy some of the pictures from our festivities!



Functional Independence

Mrs. Roxanne and I just recorded the latest Good News Preschool Podcast episode, and we talked today about the importance of functional independence.

Have a listen if you’d like some extra tips for your family to help foster your child’s independence with things like dressing themselves, cleaning up, and more.  We talk about how fine motor skills serve a purpose not only academically, but with functional life skills such as zipping up a jacket or sealing a ziplock bag.  And we give you several easy activities to do at home that can help build those fine motor skills.


We also talk about allowing space for your child to struggle.  It is through our trials and struggles that we develop skills.  I know it is so uncomfortable to witness our children become frustrated, but once they push through their challenge, they become stronger, more skilled and more independent.  So give them the gift of time and space to struggle!

Podcast Episode 4-Functional Independence



Farm Animal Fun

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit from the furry friends at Wild Things Zoofari.  They brought a llama, calf, baby goats, sheep, pig, bunny, and a wallaby!

If you want to see an expression of pure joy, I highly recommend watching a young child pet an animal.  The giggles were contagious these past two days.  The children were so amused by the funny animal antics, and I hope they all shared with you how much fun they had.  Here are some pics from Tuesday and Wednesday:



Shining Stars

Spring Break is over and can you believe we only have 7 1/2 weeks of preschool left in this school year?!!  We want to make the most of these last weeks, and a big goal of ours is to make sure that each child feels confident and ready to move up into an older age classroom.  One of the main focus points is constantly fostering independence.  With each advancing classroom, children gain more and more confidence in their abilities to take care of their personal belongings and themselves.  They also improve their ability to use their words to express emotions and work through conflict.

We encourage you to talk with your child’s teacher about things you can do at home to support the work they are doing in the classrooms.  Thank you for trusting Good News with your children and allowing us the opportunity to help them grow into responsible, caring, and loving little people!

As a “thank you” to all of our parents, and to recognize how each of our students is truly a Shining Star, please enjoy a free meal courtesy of Mighty Fine.  Special thanks to Ms. Krystal and Mighty Fine, who worked together to provide this treat.  Today and tomorrow, a certificate for a free meal is coming your way!