Stuck Indoors!

We aren’t letting this cold and rainy weather dampen our spirits!  We have lots of ways to burn off energy even when we feel confined indoors.  You’ll find us running around the sanctuary finding hidden beanbags, racing toy trucks across the foyer floor, singing, dancing, and playing games!

Name Recognition

IMG_20181010_123326As children begin to understand the symbolic relationship of letters to sounds, they first become familiar with the letters in their own name, and then those of their friends.

Mrs. Crystal helps the students in her class learn their letters in their “Classroom Friends Book.”  It is so much fun to watch how excited the children get as they identify their friends in the pictures and start to associate letters with the beginning sounds in each friend’s name.

You can help reinforce this at home as you talk with your child about their friends.  Discuss how the beginning of the names sound and ask them to guess what letter makes that beginning sound!

Firefighter Visit

Some superheroes descended upon Good News Preschool last week–our very own Cedar Park Firefighters!  They brought their huge red truck and taught us all about staying safe in the event of a fire.  We watched a fireman put on all his gear (and on Thursday they dressed up Mrs. Suzi in the gear!) to show that it’s not scary to see a firefighter in full fire-protective gear.  Some of our students demonstrated how to “Stop, Drop and Roll!”  And we took a tour through the truck.  It was a great adventure!

The firefighters were very grateful for the baskets of goodies that our families donated.  We had so many donations that we gave each crew 2 VERY full baskets of treats.  Thank you so much parents!

Play-based education

At Good News Preschool you will see many examples of children working together in groups moving among various play centers, planning their own activities, playing independently with fine motor materials, playing outside in cooperative gross motor games, and working daily on improving social skills and interaction.  What you will not see is children sitting for long stretches of time learning abstract concepts through rote memorization with an emphasis on competition and achievement.

Research has shown again and again that while academically-driven preschools can produce children that perform above-average on tests in the short term, by the 3rd and 4th grade they are surpassed by their peers who had a play-based early education.  Play-based education produces children who are better able to problem solve, interact socially, think creatively, and have a more positive attitude about school.

For more information on the benefits of play-based education, here is an article that cites several studies:

I’m so proud that Good News Preschool is preparing our children for the future by helping them to become well-rounded, socially aware citizens with a strong faith and a love of learning.


How does your garden grow?

“Mary Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” goes the nursery rhyme.  Here at Good News Preschool we can say that our garden is off to a good start!  Now that the 100 degree temperatures are over, and we have had enough of a break in the rain, we are starting our planting.  Today several classes went out to plant some pretty flowers around the edges.  In coming weeks we will be planting vegetables and plants.  If you would like to donate seeds or plants please contact your child’s teacher!   As a school, we would LOVE some donations of more garden tools (small metal shovels and rakes especially)!

Children can learn so much from working in a garden.  They are getting a firsthand look at the plant life cycle, witnessing the miracle of God’s work when they see a seed turn into a plant, learning cause and effect, as well as simply having fun in the dirt!

Here are some pictures from today:


A Glimpse Around This Week

There have been so many fun things going on this week!

  • Mrs. Jen’s class has been singing, dancing and have been just enthralled with the fabulous fine motor toys that Jen made herself for them.
  • Mrs. Jan’s class has been loving to paint and participate in stories.
  • Mrs. Roxanne’s class have been marching around the room with drums to band music!
  • Mrs. Crystal’s room have been working hard on learning primary colors and learning each others names.
  • Mrs. Anna and Jaime’s class have been counting the letters in their names, practicing their fine motor skills, and learning days of the week/months of the year.

And the whole school has been embracing the fun that this crazy weather has brought!  Luckily we’ve managed to get to recess most days and the kids have had a blast.  Reminder that as per minimum standards for licensing (and our experience that kids thrive when outdoors!!), our children will have an opportunity to play outside each day as long as weather is not severe or extreme in temperature.  Please dress them in clothes that are very washable!  Here are some pictures from around the school this week.  I am loving seeing all of the smiles and fun, and I hope you do too!


Each month we will have a service focus for our preschool.  We want the children to understand that part of being a child of God is sharing our time, talents and treasures with others in need.  We also want them to understand the importance of thinking of people other than ourselves.

This month, to go hand-in-hand with our science theme of nutrition, we will be collecting food donations for the Hill Country Community Ministries, which feeds those in need all year long.  There is a box in the foyer labeled HCCM where you can drop your donations.  I encourage you to have your child help you shop for the food donations as well as put them in the box.  Talk with your child about the good they are doing by providing for others!food donations