He is Risen!

What a fun week we had last week celebrating Easter!  One of the joys of working in a Christian school is that we are able to enjoy all of our Christian holidays and celebrations, and share the Good News with our students.

Last week eggs were decorated, crosses were painted, resurrection biscuits were baked and best of all we had a fantastic family picnic and egg hunt!  Please enjoy some of the pictures from our festivities!



Functional Independence

Mrs. Roxanne and I just recorded the latest Good News Preschool Podcast episode, and we talked today about the importance of functional independence.

Have a listen if you’d like some extra tips for your family to help foster your child’s independence with things like dressing themselves, cleaning up, and more.  We talk about how fine motor skills serve a purpose not only academically, but with functional life skills such as zipping up a jacket or sealing a ziplock bag.  And we give you several easy activities to do at home that can help build those fine motor skills.


We also talk about allowing space for your child to struggle.  It is through our trials and struggles that we develop skills.  I know it is so uncomfortable to witness our children become frustrated, but once they push through their challenge, they become stronger, more skilled and more independent.  So give them the gift of time and space to struggle!

Podcast Episode 4-Functional Independence



Farm Animal Fun

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit from the furry friends at Wild Things Zoofari.  They brought a llama, calf, baby goats, sheep, pig, bunny, and a wallaby!

If you want to see an expression of pure joy, I highly recommend watching a young child pet an animal.  The giggles were contagious these past two days.  The children were so amused by the funny animal antics, and I hope they all shared with you how much fun they had.  Here are some pics from Tuesday and Wednesday:



Shining Stars

Spring Break is over and can you believe we only have 7 1/2 weeks of preschool left in this school year?!!  We want to make the most of these last weeks, and a big goal of ours is to make sure that each child feels confident and ready to move up into an older age classroom.  One of the main focus points is constantly fostering independence.  With each advancing classroom, children gain more and more confidence in their abilities to take care of their personal belongings and themselves.  They also improve their ability to use their words to express emotions and work through conflict.

We encourage you to talk with your child’s teacher about things you can do at home to support the work they are doing in the classrooms.  Thank you for trusting Good News with your children and allowing us the opportunity to help them grow into responsible, caring, and loving little people!

As a “thank you” to all of our parents, and to recognize how each of our students is truly a Shining Star, please enjoy a free meal courtesy of Mighty Fine.  Special thanks to Ms. Krystal and Mighty Fine, who worked together to provide this treat.  Today and tomorrow, a certificate for a free meal is coming your way!

More Kindness

Our two youngest classrooms partnered up today to spread some cheer around the school.  They took bags of goodies to each teacher around the school, wishing everyone a Happy Spring!  This structured activity (different pairs of students approached each teacher to give away the gift) allowed the children to feel safe as part of a group, but experience the joy in giving to others.  Our ultimate goal is that they will understand that they have the power to bring joy to others through their actions.

In a much less structured activity, children on the playground helped each other to clean up blocks.  We clean up many times throughout the school day, and it really is a lesson in kindness.  By caring for school property, children show respect for the materials and for their school by keeping things in good condition and put where they belong.  They are also helping each other, teaching them that when they work together it is not only more productive, but it is an act of kindness.

May you all find many opportunities this spring to practice kindness!



In March for our service focus, we will be talking a lot about kindness.  We will take opportunities to be kind to our school building, our friends, and even people we don’t know.

Mrs. Roxanne’s class kicked off our Acts of Kindness month by donating some baby dolls to the memory-care residents at Cottonwood Creek.  A generous friend of Mrs. Roxanne’s donated several extra baby dolls and the class decided that instead of keeping a bunch of extra dolls that they may or may not play with, that they could be kind and give them to others.  Memory care patients are often soothed by getting to hold a baby doll, much in the same way that young children are soothed by holding a stuffed animal. Nursing homes are grateful for donations such as these in order to provide multiple therapy options to their residents.

Stay tuned for more ways that our students demonstrate acts of kindness throughout the month!

What’s the big deal about blocks?

Guided play with INTENTION.  That is what Good News Preschool is all about.  We are not babysitters, tossing some toys in front of kids in the hopes that they will be entertained for a few hours.  Rather, we provide play opportunities with learning objectives in mind.  Teachers are observing, facilitating, and guiding children to learn about the world through their play.

A perfect example of guided play with intention is in the block center.  Every classroom has blocks, and likely you have blocks at home in your play area as well.  We know that children use blocks to build, bang, and knock down, but did you also know that children are developing literacy skills, math foundations, interpersonal skills, and scientific principles?

If you have 10 minutes to spare, please listen to our latest podcast, where Mrs. Mary explains all of the learning happens with BLOCKS!