Some pictures from Day Two and Three

Day Two and Three were a whirlwind here at Good News.  We’ve been busy learning routines, exploring our classrooms, and today we had our first chapel service.  All in all, a lot of fun is happening here.  I won’t blog every day, but I did want to send out a few more pictures this first week just to share all of our activity!

We are also having some tears as some of the children go through the separation process.   I say this so often, but it really is true, that it is perfectly NORMAL for your child to cry or feel angry at the beginning of the school year.  It was not their choice to leave their home and come spend the day in a completely new environment!  Especially if this is their first experience away from home, you can expect some resentment at their change in routine.  I often tell parents that if you can power through the first 2 weeks, you will almost always see them turn a corner and begin to look forward to coming to school.  Just remember to be over-the-top with enthusiasm when you pick them up each day, and at drop-off in the morning keep it loving yet brief, with a firm reminder that you will see them again very soon.


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