A Glimpse Around This Week

There have been so many fun things going on this week!

  • Mrs. Jen’s class has been singing, dancing and have been just enthralled with the fabulous fine motor toys that Jen made herself for them.
  • Mrs. Jan’s class has been loving to paint and participate in stories.
  • Mrs. Roxanne’s class have been marching around the room with drums to band music!
  • Mrs. Crystal’s room have been working hard on learning primary colors and learning each others names.
  • Mrs. Anna and Jaime’s class have been counting the letters in their names, practicing their fine motor skills, and learning days of the week/months of the year.

And the whole school has been embracing the fun that this crazy weather has brought!  Luckily we’ve managed to get to recess most days and the kids have had a blast.  Reminder that as per minimum standards for licensing (and our experience that kids thrive when outdoors!!), our children will have an opportunity to play outside each day as long as weather is not severe or extreme in temperature.  Please dress them in clothes that are very washable!  Here are some pictures from around the school this week.  I am loving seeing all of the smiles and fun, and I hope you do too!

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