How does your garden grow?

“Mary Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” goes the nursery rhyme.  Here at Good News Preschool we can say that our garden is off to a good start!  Now that the 100 degree temperatures are over, and we have had enough of a break in the rain, we are starting our planting.  Today several classes went out to plant some pretty flowers around the edges.  In coming weeks we will be planting vegetables and plants.  If you would like to donate seeds or plants please contact your child’s teacher!   As a school, we would LOVE some donations of more garden tools (small metal shovels and rakes especially)!

Children can learn so much from working in a garden.  They are getting a firsthand look at the plant life cycle, witnessing the miracle of God’s work when they see a seed turn into a plant, learning cause and effect, as well as simply having fun in the dirt!

Here are some pictures from today:


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