Play-based education

At Good News Preschool you will see many examples of children working together in groups moving among various play centers, planning their own activities, playing independently with fine motor materials, playing outside in cooperative gross motor games, and working daily on improving social skills and interaction.  What you will not see is children sitting for long stretches of time learning abstract concepts through rote memorization with an emphasis on competition and achievement.

Research has shown again and again that while academically-driven preschools can produce children that perform above-average on tests in the short term, by the 3rd and 4th grade they are surpassed by their peers who had a play-based early education.  Play-based education produces children who are better able to problem solve, interact socially, think creatively, and have a more positive attitude about school.

For more information on the benefits of play-based education, here is an article that cites several studies:

I’m so proud that Good News Preschool is preparing our children for the future by helping them to become well-rounded, socially aware citizens with a strong faith and a love of learning.


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