59 Shopping Days Left…

Yes, it’s all starting…the madness of the holiday shopping season!  All the latest gadgets, gizmos and games have our heads spinning as we try and decide what gifts we want to put under the Christmas tree for our children.  Thanksgiving is not even past, but the commercials and holiday decorations are already out there.

As you contemplate a new toy for your child, we want to encourage you to look at items that will help foster their gross motor development.  Screen time amongst children has skyrocketed, resulting in less time for muscular development, awareness of the two sides of the body, motor planning, and it is affecting how children are able to process sensory information.  Developmental toys can help a child build a foundation to better facilitate growth.

So as you shop this upcoming holiday season, consider options such as ride on toys, balance boards, play gym mats, tunnels, hop balls, hula hoops, and activity cards.  Here is a link to a blog with some specific toy suggestions:  https://whatmomslove.com/guides/gift-guide-best-active-gross-motor-toys/



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