Changes can be hard.  And when we had our precious Mrs. Jaime leave our pre-K room, the change was very hard.  Saying goodbye to a great teacher is never easy!  But good things can come from change as well, and in this case we had the opportunity to welcome another great teacher, Mrs. Mary.  Mrs. Mary is joining Mrs. Anna as co-teacher, and the two ladies are already planning wonderful things for the pre-K room in the coming weeks.  They are striving to make the pre-K room one that fosters a love of learning through meaningful activities.

One small example of a very meaningful yet fun activity is when Mrs. Mary introduced vertical writing to the children today as a way to strengthen their hands and wrists, practice crossing their midline, improve spatial awareness, and improve hand-eye coordination.  This is just one example of the magic happening in this room.

We are also blessed to have the priceless teacher aides Mrs. Krystal and Mrs. Yolanda always helping us in the room!  I can’t believe how lucky our preschool is to have such talented staff.  It is such a joy to work here!

Here are some photos of Mrs. Mary’s first few days:


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