Every precious minute…

Some days feel long and others feel short, but every day is packed to the brim with activity here at the preschool.  We only have 4 precious hours of the day with the children, and by the time you take out lunch, snack, recess, hand washing, restroom breaks, and travel time from place to place, the children really only have about 2 hours of classroom activity time.

Our teachers start the day right at 9:00 with activities they have planned to engage the young learners.  Often the beginning of the day activities focus on fine motor skills, letter recognition, logic, sequence, patterning, etc.  The students are so great about arriving at school and diving right into whatever activity is set out.  The teachers are especially grateful when all of the children are able to arrive on time so that the students get a chance to experience it all, and the classroom can begin as a cohesive unit.

I see the teachers working so hard day in and day out for these kids.  Every teacher here feels it is her mission to help each child develop into the best person they can be–socially, academically, emotionally and spiritually.  In the short 4 hours that they have, they always make the most of their time.  They are 100% engaged with the kids from right at 9:00 until pickup at 1:00.  At 1:00 the teachers hand them back off to you ready to get a hug from mom and dad and to share the excitement of their day.  And a big shout out to all of our parents who are here right at 1:00 to pick up their kids.  The teachers begin their planning period (and a much needed break!) at 1:00 so we are very grateful for your promptness.

Here are some pictures taken during the first 15 minutes of the day on Tuesday as well as some of the activities ready for the children!

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