Our staff talks constantly about how we can best help our students and their families.  We try to foster a community of support and provide care not only for the children each day, but care for the parents as well to know that we are available to them as support, resource, and friend in faith.

Mrs. Roxanne and I have been brainstorming over the past year about how we could better help our parents.  We talked about offering free classes for parents, but realized that few people have spare time to add one. more. thing. to their calendar.

So in an attempt to be as modern as possible we have started podcasting!  We’ve recorded our first episode, and if you choose to listen to it, please be kind.  😉  It is rough around the edges!  We tackled the issue of structure in our first episode because we have found that when parents can establish a bit more structure in their child’s life, the whole family benefits.  If you listen to it and have suggestions for future topics, please reach out and let us know as we would love your ideas!


Follow the link below to listen:



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