Texas Snow

Five years ago at Good News Preschool, Mrs. Roxanne had a student who would continually throw the sand and other materials she had in her sensory table.  It became exhausting for her to continually try to redirect him and it was tough on the child who just wanted to be able to throw!  So Mrs. Roxanne decided to create an opportunity where that child could throw things to his heart’s content and where she was 100% okay with him doing it!  She brought in a bag of shreds for him (and the other children) to explore, toss, throw, and generally make a big wonderful mess.  What an experience it was!  Not only did the child she had designed the activity for have the time of his life, but all of the children did as well.  It can be such a gift for a child to be allowed to fulfill their urges (such as the need to throw something) in a safe environment.  Also, children are much more likely to follow your rules about an action if they understand that they will get an opportunity to perform that action in a designated place.  For example, if they seem to really want to knock things over, give them a space and some safe materials that they can build up and knock down all they want (far away from your nice crystal!).

Because of the success of that first year’s “snow day” as we call it, we have continued the tradition every year since then.  The kids have a blast (and the teachers do too!) and it makes for some fantastic pictures.  Here are a few:

IMG_20190129_121719IMG_20190129_121704IMG_20190129_113446IMG_20190129_121543IMG_20190129_121103IMG_20190129_121642IMG_20190129_120823IMG_20190129_114024IMG_20190129_114001IMG_20190129_103640IMG_20190129_113318IMG_20190129_113333IMG_20190129_103613IMG_20190129_103455IMG_20190129_103527IMG_20190129_103412IMG_20190129_101915IMG_20190129_103326IMG_20190129_103342img_5396 2img_5400img_5397img_5398img_5399

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