Chinese New Year

Each of our staff members bring such incredible gifts to our school.  This week we have been blessed by Mrs. Anna’s knowledge and experience with Chinese New Year.  She has brought all of the traditions of Chinese New Year right into the classroom and preschool as a whole.  Students have learned so much this week about the Chinese culture.  They made dragon collages and watercolor dragons. They talked about the traditions and legend of Chinese New Year, the Chinese Zodiac, Chinese characters and how to use chopsticks.  They even tasted some dumplings, noodles and rice.  (Pastor Trevor even got some chopstick lessons from Mrs. Anna so that he could participate too!)

Mrs. Anna made several beautiful displays, including a photo booth for the entire school to use.  I hope you have had a chance to visit the displays in the foyer and learn a littlemore about Chinese New Year yourself!  It is so much fun to learn about other cultures.  We love how learning about cultures outside of our own helps open our eyes to the broader world.


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