What’s the big deal about blocks?

Guided play with INTENTION.  That is what Good News Preschool is all about.  We are not babysitters, tossing some toys in front of kids in the hopes that they will be entertained for a few hours.  Rather, we provide play opportunities with learning objectives in mind.  Teachers are observing, facilitating, and guiding children to learn about the world through their play.

A perfect example of guided play with intention is in the block center.  Every classroom has blocks, and likely you have blocks at home in your play area as well.  We know that children use blocks to build, bang, and knock down, but did you also know that children are developing literacy skills, math foundations, interpersonal skills, and scientific principles?

If you have 10 minutes to spare, please listen to our latest podcast, where Mrs. Mary explains all of the learning happens with BLOCKS!

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