More Kindness

Our two youngest classrooms partnered up today to spread some cheer around the school.  They took bags of goodies to each teacher around the school, wishing everyone a Happy Spring!  This structured activity (different pairs of students approached each teacher to give away the gift) allowed the children to feel safe as part of a group, but experience the joy in giving to others.  Our ultimate goal is that they will understand that they have the power to bring joy to others through their actions.

In a much less structured activity, children on the playground helped each other to clean up blocks.  We clean up many times throughout the school day, and it really is a lesson in kindness.  By caring for school property, children show respect for the materials and for their school by keeping things in good condition and put where they belong.  They are also helping each other, teaching them that when they work together it is not only more productive, but it is an act of kindness.

May you all find many opportunities this spring to practice kindness!


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