Shining Stars

Spring Break is over and can you believe we only have 7 1/2 weeks of preschool left in this school year?!!  We want to make the most of these last weeks, and a big goal of ours is to make sure that each child feels confident and ready to move up into an older age classroom.  One of the main focus points is constantly fostering independence.  With each advancing classroom, children gain more and more confidence in their abilities to take care of their personal belongings and themselves.  They also improve their ability to use their words to express emotions and work through conflict.

We encourage you to talk with your child’s teacher about things you can do at home to support the work they are doing in the classrooms.  Thank you for trusting Good News with your children and allowing us the opportunity to help them grow into responsible, caring, and loving little people!

As a “thank you” to all of our parents, and to recognize how each of our students is truly a Shining Star, please enjoy a free meal courtesy of Mighty Fine.  Special thanks to Ms. Krystal and Mighty Fine, who worked together to provide this treat.  Today and tomorrow, a certificate for a free meal is coming your way!

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