Functional Independence

Mrs. Roxanne and I just recorded the latest Good News Preschool Podcast episode, and we talked today about the importance of functional independence.

Have a listen if you’d like some extra tips for your family to help foster your child’s independence with things like dressing themselves, cleaning up, and more.  We talk about how fine motor skills serve a purpose not only academically, but with functional life skills such as zipping up a jacket or sealing a ziplock bag.  And we give you several easy activities to do at home that can help build those fine motor skills.


We also talk about allowing space for your child to struggle.  It is through our trials and struggles that we develop skills.  I know it is so uncomfortable to witness our children become frustrated, but once they push through their challenge, they become stronger, more skilled and more independent.  So give them the gift of time and space to struggle!

Podcast Episode 4-Functional Independence



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