Crossing the Midline

Crossing Midline

Try counting while touching your nose with alternating hands.  Count again while standing on one leg.  Try it one more time while reaching across to touch your opposite toes.

In Mrs. Roxanne’s class the kids do this because it’s fun.  What they don’t know is that activities that work on crossing the midline actually help them with reading among other things!  In order to eventually become a strong reader, our eyes track across the midline as we read.  If we have not practiced motor skills that cross the midline it will make it much more difficult to become successful readers.

Standing on one leg is an important balance activity that is a precursor to more advanced gross motor activities such as galloping, skipping, and stair negotiation.

You’ll see Mrs. Roxanne do a lot of these activities in her class and much more.  To learn more about our wonderful Mrs. Roxanne, check out the latest podcast episode:


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