Sink or Float

We are having a blast with science this year.  Not only do the teachers provide fun and engaging weekly science experiments with the children; this year we’ve added in visits with “Scientist Suzi.”  Last Friday Scientist Suzi talked about density with the children and we experimented density by both layering liquids as well as trying out solid objects in water.

Just as it is important for children to have concrete “play” social experiences so that they can process and practice real world interactions, it is important for them to play with science as well.  They need opportunities to make predictions and then test their predictions.  Sink and float games are a perfect way to practice this concept.  While it will be many years later before they truly understand density and mass distribution, simply making guesses and “playing” in their preschool years will give them concrete experiences to reference when they engage in advanced learning later on in their lives.

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