‘Tis the Season

The Christmas season is in full swing at the preschool!  Every direction you look you’ll see holiday crafts, stories and activities.  We love getting to retell and celebrate the story of Jesus’ birth all month long with our students through many different mediums.

Mrs. Jen’s class is busy making stockings and trees, which require the use of fine motor skills and the practice of following directions.

Today in Mrs. Jan’s class the focus was on gingerbread houses.  The class learned about recycling as they turned trash into treasure.  These gingerbread houses allowed the students to have fun painting, gluing and expressing their creativity.

Mrs. Crystal’s class was busy creating beautiful ornaments to decorate their own trees at home.  These treasured works of art create a sense of pride in each student.  When these ornaments eventually get to go home, each child will look at it hanging on their tree and know that they were able to make something beautiful to add to the celebration of the season.

If you haven’t seen Mrs. Roxanne’s bulletin board, you must stop by!  It displays a nativity scene with some very special people standing in for our biblical characters.  Through this display and through her class activities, Mrs. Roxanne is helping each child understand the wonder and glory of Jesus’ birth.

Mrs. Mary and Mrs. Anna’s classes are bustling at center time with ALL things Christmas.  You’ll see sensory bins filled with ornaments, bells, and garland.  You’ll see children painting gingerbread houses, designing their own personalized gingerbread men, “making cookies” with gingerbread dough, coloring Christmas pictures, and much more.  And of course through it all the children are practicing independence, self-expression, cooperation, and fine motor skills.

If you want to get in the spirit of the holidays, there is simply no better place to do so than in the halls of our precious preschool!

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