What started out as junk mail, bills, unneeded documents and other various papers created an insane amount of joy this week at Good News Preschool.  It was so simple, and yet so genius…unwanted papers that were put through the shredder were saved up, then dumped in the foyer for the sole purpose of allowing children utter freedom.  For 15 minutes both Thursday and Friday, children in each class were allowed to throw paper.  Yep, that’s it.  They could toss paper in the air, dump it on each other and their teachers, roll around on the floor in it, and jump up and down in piles of it.

So why was this such a big deal?  Because for 15 minutes the kids experienced some of the very best parts of being kids (shhh…actually so did the teachers!).  That is, they played.  As each class took their turn going nuts in the piles of paper shreds, the squeals of joy were simply contagious.

I think we forget to do some of these incredibly simple but powerful activities in our daily lives.  It is at the core of our emotional health to take time for laughing, even shouting for joy in the simple act of having fun.  There’s a lot we can learn from these kids playing in the “snow.”  We don’t necessarily have to buy the expensive toys, pay for expensive outings, or travel to an exotic destination.  We have the power to feel the most exhilarating of emotions by doing something as simple as playing with confetti.

So the next time you shred that boring bank statement, take a moment to appreciate that if you wanted to, you could take a fistful of those shreds, toss them in the air and dance around with your kids.  🙂

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