Up, down, all around

What fun we have building our gross motor skills!  Inspired by a stretching/movement program created for the elderly population, Mrs. Roxanne recognized that the very same gross motor development skills are needed at the opposite end of the age spectrum.  Children greatly benefit from exercises that specifically target things such as crossing the midline, changing direction, applying pressure, and using the whole body in a movement.  In practicing these motions they can apply them to their daily movements, but interestingly it also ties directly to cognitive development.  Crossing the midline is a precursor to reading skills!  By learning to track items across a plane, they develop the ability to track words across the page.  And by applying pressure to a ball or other object, students strengthen the tiny muscles in their hands that allow them to improve their writing skills.

This is just another wonderful example of how learning through play is absolutely the most effective way for preschoolers to grow and develop!

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