Wow.  This is tough.  Here I am, sitting at my computer, ready to type my last blog post as the Good News Preschool Director.  Deep. Breath.

In contemplating what I wanted to write about, I began to think about transition.  As I move through this transitional time in my life, it reminds me of transition times in the classroom and how tough those can be for children.  If there is misbehavior in the room, 90% of the time it happens in a transitional time between activities.  Why is that?

I think it is because as humans, we simply don’t like discomfort, and change causes discomfort.  Every time we have to adapt to a new situation, we have to stretch.  Whether it is going through a huge shift such as moving to a new city, or a smaller one like moving from one classroom activity to another, we have resistance at the idea of moving out of what is comfortable and known.  So we will dig our heels in and do what we can to avoid the discomfort.

In the classroom, our brilliant teachers help make transitional times much smoother by giving the children visual schedules, giving them advance notice of the upcoming change, and focusing their attention on the exciting parts of what’s to come.  And even with all of that intentional guidance, children still can feel anxiety about diving into what’s new.

With regards to my job resignation I find that I have a huge melting pot of emotions.  I am feeling the messiness of life, the discomfort of uncertainty.  I feel gratitude for the chance to invest more time to caring for family, but sadness at saying goodbye to the daily camaraderie of the Good News staff and fun times with the children.

In discerning how to ease my own transition, I look to our awesome classroom teachers and attempt to mimic the lessons they give.  I have had a countdown in my head until my last day with a list of things to accomplish before leaving.  I am concentrating on the positive aspects of what my future holds.  But most of all I am simply sitting with the discomfort, acknowledging its presence and praying for God’s peace as I move through it.

I pray the same thing for the Good News community.  Change is not easy but it can be a wonderful thing as we watch God’s plan unfold.

I thank each and every one of you for touching my life.  Parents, your children have been such a source of joy.  I may be biased, but Good News Preschool students are simply the best preschoolers around.  Staff, you are each so amazing and have blessed me beyond measure.  And Tracy, thank you for hearing God’s call in joining this awesome establishment.  I have no doubt you will be an incredible leader.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you all as Director.  I will miss you.





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